Special Ojo Scooters Promotion for Restaurants

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Explore Bike Share has a special promotion for the OjO scooters which have a basket and can be easily used for deliveries. Message them directly to get a special restaurant rate. Email them here.

Explore Bike Share

COVID-19 Posts:

POS Companies Offering Online Ordering and Curbside Options


We know of the following companies offering online-ordering systems, apps, platforms, and more. Some integrate with delivery. Some have curbside functionality, etc. We encourage you to reach out to your current POS provider, as implementing any new systems will likely integrate best with if you add-on to the platform you already have.

We encourage you to look into the following features:

  • Your menu should be online everywhere, your website, Facebook, and links on any other social media you use
  • Consider offering online ordering (the easier the better)
  • Consider features that allow your customers to let you know when they are outside – either an app, or post a phone number sign on the parking place so your customer can call you and they don’t have to come inside
  • If you offer delivery (either by you or a third party) make it very clear on your website and social media.

Everything But The Food (MRA Member)
Everything But the Food sells a POS system that already includes an option for online ordering. This month they introduced a new feature called the “I’m Ready” service. It allows guests to check-in curbside. They can put in their name, type of vehicle, and parking spot number. Within seconds of check-in on their mobile device, a ticket prints in the restaurant with the customer’s name and car information, so that they can bring the food out quickly and not inundate the restaurant with phone calls.

You can read more about “I’m Ready” In this article

As a special for MRA Members, EBTF is offering this for the special price of $25 for setup, no monthly fee until September 2020, and no contract.

Aloha Hospitality Control Solutions (MRA Member)
Hospitality Control Solutions is offering a Food On The Fly quick start program for Aloha Online Ordering. This solution is designed to quickly implement a website that offers your customers the option to order online (web and mobile browsers). This fast option includes the ability to manage phone-in and web orders from the same place in Aloha allowing business owners more options to easily accept orders. All menu programming is done locally by our tech team of restaurant veterans so you can expect the fastest turn around possible. Please contact Caitlin and she will quickly respond to get you up and running.
Email Caitlin Moore here, 901-581-0515.
We look forward to taking care of you.

Toast Now is a one-stop-shop built to give restaurants the ability to quickly set up digital ordering channels like online ordering, to help keep their doors open and continue to have revenue coming in. This offering has no upfront cost, no POS purchase required, and no commission fees. All they need is WiFi and a web browser!

Here is how local restaurants are using Square’s platform to help their business during this time:

  • Online ordering – Online ordering and ordering integrations with 3rd party delivery services (Chowly, Postmates, etc.) to help expand your business operations to every way a buyer wants to interact with your business
  • Square online store – Start a free online store with Square
  • Square marketing – Reach your customers to share updates on your business
  • E-Giftcards -Ability to sell eGift cards and market them through Square Marketing
  • Sell anywhere -Take a payment with Virtual Terminal, Invoices, online etc.

COVID-19 Posts:

Shelby County Back to Business Requirements

Shelby County Requirements

Easy printable for Shelby County requirements for opening back up. This is a checklist for your business to comply with the first phase. Suggestion: fill this out and make multiple copies and post around your establishment.

Click here for the printable checklist from Shelby County.

Please respond to this survey

Face Masks available today – Friday, May 1


Tennessee Business Reopening Protocol

These are the guidelines released from the State on reopening the economy. We expect specific restaurant guidelines to be released this week.

Shelby County or Memphis may create their own (additional) guidelines in line with their reopening protocol and plans (along with dates that apply only to Shelby County or Memphis).

The “Tennessee Pledge” is a plan to help Tennesseans return to work in a safe environment, restore their livelihoods, and reboot our state’s economy.

The State is recommending safeguarding protocols for all businesses in Tennessee, including those that are re-opening and those essential businesses that have remained open during the Safer at Home order. These safeguarding protocols are based on the recommendations of the CDC and OSHA. To support the Pledge for Tennessee, all employers and employees should take steps to reopen safely, help other industries be able to open more quickly and help Tennessee remain healthy and open for business.

There are step-by-step guidelines in the full pdf document here.

This is a PowerPoint presentation with similar information.

This is the Press Release from Governor Bill Lee.

COVID-19 Posts:

Members Offering Cleaning Services and Cleaning Supplies


This post has been updated here to better reflect all of our members who offer COVID Supplies and Services.

COVID-19 Posts:

April 14 LBD Information (Updated)

LBD April Info

Liquor by the Drink To-Go Sales

Update 7/1/2020: Extended to Aug 29, 2020. See this post

Update 4/30/2020:

This link says “Restaurants, wine-only restaurants, and limited-service restaurants may continue to offer carryout and delivery of
alcoholic beverages until May 29, 2020, except as otherwise may be extended by Executive Order.”

Per the TN Alcoholic Beverage Commission, Executive Order 17 referring to liquor and wine being sold to-go has been extended to April 30. The reference is here.

Update 4/29/2020:

“…may deliver alcoholic beverages directly to consumers until further TABC guidance or executive order rescinds this directive…”

The reference is here.

Liquor by the Drink Taxes Due April 15

Our lobbying sources tell us that the TN Department of Revenue has resisted recommendations that payment of sales and LBD taxes be delayed but has suggested that they will look favorably upon applications to waive penalties.

To apply for a penalty waiver, click here.

Liquor by the Drink Licenses

Our lobbying sources tell us the director of the ABC says they will give licensees 60 days grace to renew. The reference for that information can be found here.

COVID-19 Posts:

Grants and Loans – Money Available for Businesses & Staff

grants and loans

Government Loans

SBA Loan page here. There are several grant and loan programs offered there.

PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) Loan application here. We’re putting all the info we know about it here but we’re not experts.
We encourage you to reach out to your banker, accountant, or tax attorney for more info.
The Paycheck Protection Program (“PPP”) authorizes up to $349 billion in forgivable loans to small businesses to pay their employees during the COVID-19 crisis. All loan terms will be the same for everyone. The SBA has announced that it will allow eligible small businesses and sole proprietorships to submit applications beginning Friday, April 3, 2020, and independent contractors and self-employed individuals to apply beginning April 10, 2020. For eligibility requirements and details about the program, visit sba.gov/ppp.

EIDL (Economic Injury Disaster Loans)The Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program (EIDL) can provide up to $2 million of financial assistance (actual loan amounts are based on the amount of economic injury) to small businesses or private, non-profit organizations that suffer substantial economic injury as a result of the declared disaster.

Downtown Forgivable Loan The Downtown Business Continuity – Forgivable Loan Program (Program) is designed to assist eligible businesses that are in serious jeopardy of permanent closure due solely to the recent COVID-19 pandemic and associated economic impacts. A review of both the financial history and the current financial condition of the business will be used to determine the need and potential eligibility. The Program will provide direct financial assistance to existing, locally-owned, eligible businesses, with a preference for businesses operating continuously within the Central Business Improvement District (CBID) for a minimum of 12 months preceding the application submittal date. Applicants will also be considered if the business was open as of February 1, 2020, and the business owner/operator has a history of successful operations. Loan applications will be accepted beginning April 2, 2020, and end when the approved funding is depleted.

For Employees

Update 4/28/20 – The H.E.A.P initiative at the Kemmons Wilson School is aimed at helping hospitality employees impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic by providing free CARE PACKAGES of groceries and household supplies that could last a family for a week. They plan to continue this effort until there is a need in the industry. They have several donors and partners joining in this effort. Read all about it here and find the link to submit your employees.

Hosted by the Community Foundation of Greater Memphis Foundation, the Mid-South COVID-19 Regional Response Fund provides flexible funding to organizations serving people impacted by novel coronavirus and the economic consequences of the pandemic in West Tennessee, eastern Arkansas, and northern Mississippi. Give to this fund (earmarked for hospitality workers) here.

The National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation created the Restaurant Employee Relief Fund which will provide $500 grants to restaurant industry employees who have been adversely impacted by COVID-19, financially, whether through a decrease in wages or loss of employment. Apply here.

Donations that keep restaurants running

Update 4/22/20Tennessee Action for Hospitality has money available to distribute for independent business owners and their employees in the restaurant/bar business. Anyone whose qualifies across the entire State of Tennessee is available to sign up for the funds. The grants can be used for assistance with utilities, mortgages, etc.

Feed The Front Lines Memphis
In partnership with dozens of local restaurants, we are raising money to cater to those working long, stressful and heartbreaking hours on the front lines of this virus. Please join us as we try to lift up our local restaurants, as well as provide meals to those doctors and nurses fighting for us! #FeedTheFrontLines
You can give here.
Contact the program if you are a restaurant interested in preparing the meals.

Salvation Army
To donate to the Salvation Army click here.
They are employing local restaurants to prepare meals for those they serve, as the donations come in. To apply to be one of the restaurants on the list, email me.

COVID-19 Posts: