April 14 LBD Information (Updated)

Liquor by the Drink To-Go Sales

Update 7/1/2020: Extended to Aug 29, 2020. See this post

Update 4/30/2020:

This link says “Restaurants, wine-only restaurants, and limited-service restaurants may continue to offer carryout and delivery of
alcoholic beverages until May 29, 2020, except as otherwise may be extended by Executive Order.”

Per the TN Alcoholic Beverage Commission, Executive Order 17 referring to liquor and wine being sold to-go has been extended to April 30. The reference is here.

Update 4/29/2020:

“…may deliver alcoholic beverages directly to consumers until further TABC guidance or executive order rescinds this directive…”

The reference is here.

Liquor by the Drink Taxes Due April 15

Our lobbying sources tell us that the TN Department of Revenue has resisted recommendations that payment of sales and LBD taxes be delayed but has suggested that they will look favorably upon applications to waive penalties.

To apply for a penalty waiver, click here.

Liquor by the Drink Licenses

Our lobbying sources tell us the director of the ABC says they will give licensees 60 days grace to renew. The reference for that information can be found here.

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