Record a Video for More Relief Now

Expanded outdoor dining is an essential lifeline for many restaurants during the ongoing pandemic.  Our most recent survey indicates outdoor dining represents about 44% of revenue for full-service establishments currently.

But the onset of cold weather will require operators to make substantial investments in equipment or risk shutting down outdoor dining.  We are calling on local lawmakers to help restaurant operators in prolonging the outdoor dining season this fall and winter.

We’re asking YOU – restaurant operators and employees – to tell your story of how vital outdoor dining is to your restaurant. Are you worried about the impact cold weather will have on your restaurant’s ability to survive?

By telling your story, we hope to encourage local officials to replicate recent efforts seen in cities such as in the District of Columbia where Mayor Muriel Bowser has allocated $4 million in grants for outdoor dining. 

Upload a quick video HERE, on Restaurants Act.

Thank you for your continued effort on behalf of the industry.

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