Memphis Restaurant Association Free Printables

Contact Tracing Sign Up Form PDF (both quarter sheets and full page) – print this page to keep track of the required name and phone number of parties eating at your establishment. Shelby County Health Directive #8 dated July 8, 2020. Our understanding is that you must collect the name and number of one person per party.

Screening customers Poster PDF According to the Tennessee Pledge (posted here) restaurants are required to screen their customers for illness. We have created a free printable for you to post on all your doors which serves to question your incoming customers.

Free prescription card (print out or save to your phone.) This prescription card will save you money on your prescriptions from the pharmacy. Use it with any insurance you have to see if stacking the discount will save you even more money.

Free Office Depot discount card (print out or save to your phone.) This card can be used for so much. The greatest savings is on copies, but you can save on all sorts of other products from Office Depot like cleaning supplies, office furniture, printer ink, and more.

Please consider joining the Memphis Restaurant Association. You can sign up here.