Memphis Area Transit Authority (MATA) has begun testing its steel-wheel trolleys on Main in preparation for their full return and operation in the coming months.

Though interim CEO of MATA Gary Rosenfeld previously said he would like to have the steel-wheeled trolleys be ready to operate with passengers by the end of the year, MATA officials said Wednesday that the trolley cars, which have been reengineered and revamped, must be tested on the tracks for “several months” before the trolleys can be deemed suitable for passengers.

The testing, currently taking place on Main between A.W. Willis and Greenlaw, is to ensure that the newly-installed safety systems on the cars are working properly.

The trolley cars will also be on rails in the middle of Main, and officials warn the public not to come in close contact with any poles, cables, or wires near the trolleys as they may be electrically charged and dangerous.

Source: Memphis Flyer