POS Companies Offering Online Ordering and Curbside Options

We know of the following companies offering online-ordering systems, apps, platforms, and more. Some integrate with delivery. Some have curbside functionality, etc. We encourage you to reach out to your current POS provider, as implementing any new systems will likely integrate best with if you add-on to the platform you already have.

We encourage you to look into the following features:

  • Your menu should be online everywhere, your website, Facebook, and links on any other social media you use
  • Consider offering online ordering (the easier the better)
  • Consider features that allow your customers to let you know when they are outside – either an app, or post a phone number sign on the parking place so your customer can call you and they don’t have to come inside
  • If you offer delivery (either by you or a third party) make it very clear on your website and social media.

Everything But The Food (MRA Member)
Everything But the Food sells a POS system that already includes an option for online ordering. This month they introduced a new feature called the “I’m Ready” service. It allows guests to check-in curbside. They can put in their name, type of vehicle, and parking spot number. Within seconds of check-in on their mobile device, a ticket prints in the restaurant with the customer’s name and car information, so that they can bring the food out quickly and not inundate the restaurant with phone calls.

You can read more about “I’m Ready” In this article

As a special for MRA Members, EBTF is offering this for the special price of $25 for setup, no monthly fee until September 2020, and no contract.

Aloha Hospitality Control Solutions (MRA Member)
Hospitality Control Solutions is offering a Food On The Fly quick start program for Aloha Online Ordering. This solution is designed to quickly implement a website that offers your customers the option to order online (web and mobile browsers). This fast option includes the ability to manage phone-in and web orders from the same place in Aloha allowing business owners more options to easily accept orders. All menu programming is done locally by our tech team of restaurant veterans so you can expect the fastest turn around possible. Please contact Caitlin and she will quickly respond to get you up and running.
Email Caitlin Moore here, 901-581-0515.
We look forward to taking care of you.

Toast Now is a one-stop-shop built to give restaurants the ability to quickly set up digital ordering channels like online ordering, to help keep their doors open and continue to have revenue coming in. This offering has no upfront cost, no POS purchase required, and no commission fees. All they need is WiFi and a web browser!

Here is how local restaurants are using Square’s platform to help their business during this time:

  • Online ordering – Online ordering and ordering integrations with 3rd party delivery services (Chowly, Postmates, etc.) to help expand your business operations to every way a buyer wants to interact with your business
  • Square online store – Start a free online store with Square
  • Square marketing – Reach your customers to share updates on your business
  • E-Giftcards -Ability to sell eGift cards and market them through Square Marketing
  • Sell anywhere -Take a payment with Virtual Terminal, Invoices, online etc.

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