Suit Targets 'Destructive' Drivers License Policy

Just City and others filed a class action lawsuit last week to stop Tennessee’s practice of suspending drivers licenses because drivers could not pay traffic tickets. The practice criminalizes poverty and disproportionately affects African Americans, according to Just City. In Tennessee, African-American drivers are four times more likely to lose their licenses for not paying traffic [...]

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As we were trailing out of the matinee of mother! at Studio on the Square, a woman in front of me asked of no in particular “What was that?” A Malco employee, waiting to clean up the theater, said, “It’s the Bible!” The weary few filmgoers in the theater groaned in unison. Mr. Malco was [...]

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Supreme Court Steps In on Fayette Church Matter

A Tennessee Supreme Court ruling Thursday will help determine who should be the pastor of a Fayette County church. A disagreement arose in 2011 between the members the Moscow-based Temple Church of God in Christ and its parent group, the Memphis-based Church of God in Christ (COGIC). The two organizations differed on who should be [...]

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Muhammad Ali Meets Stepin Fetchit at The Hattiloo Theatre

“The search for the white hope not having been successful, prejudices were being piled up against me, and certain unfair persons, piqued because I was champion, decided if they could not get me one way they would another.” — Jack Johnson "I'm bold, he was crazy." — Muhammad Ali on Jack Johnson. "There's power in [...]

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Task Force Considers Medical Cannabis

• The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) isn’t the only god out there. • Today’s cannabis is “not your grandfather’s marijuana.” • Your average middle schooler knows how to score weed. Those are just some the thoughts of state lawmakers and officials during a task force meeting Thursday to study the possibility of a [...]

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Trolleys Return to the Tracks for Testing

Memphis Area Transit Authority (MATA) has begun testing its steel-wheel trolleys on Main in preparation for their full return and operation in the coming months. Though interim CEO of MATA Gary Rosenfeld previously said he would like to have the steel-wheeled trolleys be ready to operate with passengers by the end of the year, MATA [...]

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Jessi Zazu: In Memoriam

Last week, Jessi Zazu Darlin passed away after battling cancer. Jessi had what you call true grit. She talked and walked the way she wanted to. She was a true outsider, in a family of outsiders, which made her part of a wild tribe. When you met Jessi, you felt that you had been ordained [...]

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Tigers, Redbirds, Trump, Porn, and Co-Yo

What a week it was. The football Tigers beat UCLA using a combination of great offense, timely defense, and good ol' Mid-South heat and humidity. Those California dudes never knew what hit 'em. And the Memphis Redbirds won the Pacific Coast League championship, beating out all the other teams on the Pacific Coast, including the [...]

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Memphis Musicians' Worst Gigs Ever II

On any given day, dozens of Memphis musicians are crisscrossing the country, bringing the diverse sounds of our city to audiences large and small. It's a fun life, but things don't always go as planned. It's a tradition for musicians to swap stories of disaster, humiliation, and stiffed payments. Here are some prime cuts from [...]

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Fly on the Wall 1491

Camp4U The Nashville Post reports that former Tennessee legislator Stacey Campfield, is looking to get back into the political arena. In one of his more reprehensible moments as state Senator, Campfield made fun of "assault pressure cookers" and Democrats who'd surely ban them following terrorist attacks on the Boston Marathon. Wild Your Pesky Fly likes [...]

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